Cleaning the Living Room

carpet rip outUgh, this weekend has been a pain in the ass!  I just had to write a quick post about it as I recently remodeled my living room and had a lot of cleaning to do.

If you are ready to remodel or clean your living room or want to change things to look like you want, then take the time to consider if you know how to do the job because there are specific factors that are incredibly important if you want to do it right.

Before starting, make sure you keep reading cause I will share some tips.

The cleanup was a nightmare as there was a ton of pet stains on the carpet from my dogs.  I never realized how bad it could get.  I ended up just ripping out the carpet and replacing it after consulting with friends about it.

A professional carpet cleaning company could definitely help, but my carpet was just too far gone.  I know of a great company in Cornelius NC that specializes in this kind of stuff.

Lesson learned, and that is to clean up pet stains as soon as they happen.

tackIn order to rip out the carpet first, you have to detach the carpet from the tack strip that holds the carpet in place.  You can start in the corner and just use pliers to rip it out.

Then just rip it by hand and fold the carpet into 3-foot strips that are easy to cut and carry.

Then you will need to take out all the staples on the plywood and decide whether or not you want to keep the tack strip.  If it’s rotten then just trash it but if not then keep it as you can reuse it with the new carpet.

Some stuff that you will need for this job is pliers, dust mask, kneepads, safety goggles, utility knife, and gloves.  So head on down to the local hardware store and get to work!

The best way to learn is by doing they say.