Walking Your Dog Properly

walking a dog

Teaching to walk your dog can be very simple if you know how to do it. Surely you have seen dozens of dogs strolling along the street next to their owners, many of them walking properly and some others, not so much. Walking with a dog that does not know how to walk, can be annoying. Pulling, overtaking, tension on the belt and endless problems that can turn a nice stroll into a nightmare.

Whether your dog is an adult or a puppy, you should teach him to walk with you. The dogs do not know if they do it wrong or, they simply walk wherever they want to.

Socialize them early

If your dog is a puppy you must vaccinate him before going out with him, get him used to wear his harness often. For chew proof harness examples go here www.bestdogcrates.net/chew-proof-harnesses.

Remember that puppies grow quickly, so check that the collar or harness is never tight (you should be able to put a pair of fingers between the strap and the neck of the puppy).

How to stop your dog pulling

Step 1: Get them Tired

When a puppy or adult dog goes out, the first thing he wants to do is to run, play, urinate, greet other dogs. This is something completely normal, so when they leave home they are so energetic with a lot of desire to play.

It is advisable to take him to a dog park or place where he can run freely, play, sniff. Do not be in a hurry to get tired, do not throw a stick 200 times to exhaust them. You have to let them do it naturally, so you must have half an hour and hour for them to enjoy themselves.

Step 2: Choose a good park

To teach our dog to walk, we must choose a quiet place, where it can not easily be distracted and where it does not receive many stimuli. A good place to walk can be a small park or deserted road. If our dog is learning in a place where he sees other dogs playing, screaming children, bouncing balls they will not learn anything because they will be more attentive to those stimuli than to you.

Step 3: Preparing for the walk

To begin to teach our dog or puppy to walk, it is necessary to be completely relaxed. Humans transmit our problems indirectly to our dogs so that if an owner is tense or stressed, the dog will notice that tension and will not be calm. To teach our dog to walk, we must be calm and collected, without stress.

Our dog or puppy must already be accustomed to wearing their harness, so all we have left is to clip the leash on. It is very important to use a short strap to teach your dog to walk, the extensible leashes are not very good.

If you follow these simple tips I’m confident that you will have a much better time at the park with your pup.