8 Things You Can Use To Clean The Sink

Discover these 7 natural tricks to clean your stainless steel sink, and give it all its brilliance!

Some of these substances can be used on the faucet and the garbage disposal too, although you must do your research on the type of crusher you have first.

You can read more about garbage disposals if needed.


Best Substances to clean the sink

The Lemon

The lemon is also very effective to make your sink stainless steel. Soak a sponge of lemon juice and scrub your sink. You can also use lemon leftovers to rub directly your sink.

Chemical Yeast

Sprinkle your sink with a little baking powder. Soak a sponge with cold water, rub, then rinse. The result is surprising!

The Black Soap

Black soap is very valuable to remove grease residue from your sink. Put a small amount of black soap in a paste (soft) on a damp sponge. Rub and rinse!


Our grandmothers rubbed their sinks with a piece of raw potato or peels. They left to act for a few minutes, rinsed and then wiped with a soft cloth.

Baking Soda

Pour into bowl 2 tsp. Baking soda and add 1 tsp. Water. Apply this mixture to the sink using a circular sponge. Rinse thoroughly with the same sponge wet with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth.

White Vinegar

White vinegar will also be useful for making a sink shine. Soak a sponge of white vinegar, rub and rinse.

Citric Acid

Finally, to clean a stain well stained, use citric acid. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of citric acid in one liter of warm water. Use gloves and protect your eyes. Rub your sink with this product and a sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

If none of these work for you then I would suggest getting the wife to go down to the hardware store and consult them on what to do.