What You Need to Know When You are Dating Filipina Girls

Filipina girls are some of my favorites.  Takes me back to the days of travel when I was a young stud! I’ll hook you guys up with a few tips from my years of experience with being a player.

First dates are always full of surprises and emotions. Even though you’ll never recognize that, you need to prepare yourself for a long time, and it is always a challenging experience, especially if you’re dating girls. It might sound exotic, provoking and interesting you have to be, but you have to be comfortable with the new rules of the game.

So, if you’re dating a girl from the Philippines and you’re curious about what the future reserves you, here are some things you need to know.

They have an oriental feminine lightness

Filipinas are very cute, small and delicate. Their beauty is exotic and usually enigmatic for any man from the Occident. However, even though there is plenty of a beautiful woman, there is a big community of gays in the Philippines.

filipinaThey are very religious

Religion plays an important role in the Philippines and this will be the first thing you’ll notice when arriving in this country. You’ll see religious messages are on cars and crosses all around. The most part of girls will agree to date you only if you’re Catholic.

It may be a reason why Filipinas are a little conservative when it comes about sexuality and they will agree to express that only the moment they know they are in a committed relationship.

Filipinas love to eat fish and chicken barbecue and they don’t use knives

If you are about to go to a restaurant in the Philippines, it may be surprising to see that there is no knife, they usually eat with a fork and a spoon. As in most Asian countries, course meals are mostly based on rice, but they also love to eat hey eat lots of fish and chicken barbecue.

You have also try to get comfortable with the idea that people in Philippine eat everything, wings with skin, intestines etc.

They love karaoke

Filipinas love karaoke, so if you are dating Filipina girls, prepare your voice and your favorite romantic songs. Even though you may believe they are shy, they love and know to sing, dance and have a good time.

They love basketball generally, Filipinos are very influenced by American culture and this why boys and girls in Philippine are big basketball fans. That’s also a surprising fact because if you have 1.74 m you are probably be seen as a giant in the Philippines.

girlPhilippines ladies are family-oriented

The family is a very important value in the Philippine society. This also a reason why the most of them are loyal and faithful. Being excellent at managing the household, they are very well-organized and also know how to handle the money.

If you have a wife from Philippine, you’ll always have a clean living room, an organized house, an awesome garden, great meals and perfectly ironed shirt and sheets.

Philippines women know to speak English

If you are about to date a girl from Philippine, you don’t have to worry about language because they all speak fluently English. They start in the elementary school years and if you ever travel to Philippine you’ll be surprised that everybody understands you.