Top 7 Things Not to miss in Vancouver

Was recently on a road trip to Vancouver to catch up with old friends and decided to write a post on some things to do in this awesome city.

The trip was awesome although my buddy had some electrical issues at his house. Luckily there are some good electrical contractors in Vancouver.

Stanley Parkstanley park

Located in Vancouver, it has an area of about 400 hectares. This is the 16th best park in the world. Here you can walk around and get some exercise or just relax with your family.

If you do not want to walk, then just take the horse carriage. As you walk along the water on the “sea wall”, you will be hit with a view of the northern part of Vancouver!

Continuing on your way, you will pass a beautiful lighthouse, which blends wonderfully with the landscape. After the seawall, you can admire the city, with all its buildings.


The Vancouver Aquarium is located at the entrance of the park, it costs roughly $ 18.50 for adults and $ 10.95 for children. Admission is free for children under 3 years.


A tribe of Native Americans living in the location of the park, so colorful totems is in the park. They represent the god-animals in their culture.

Stanley Park Lighthouse

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Hockey Gamescanucks

If there is a sport that you can not miss in Vancouver, it is Ice Hockey! And yes, the team is called the “Vancouver Canucks”! Walk into town on the day of the game, you will see everyone wearing the team’s shirt: They are proud of their team, and they show it!


The famous Vancouver Chinatown. It’s really nice to walk around, even in the rain, it has a certain charm. I promise you! Walking around the neighborhood, it’s almost like you’ve changed countries.
chinatown. It’s a nice area for getting some Chinese food too. I really like Chinese food, especially after having a few beers.

Revolving Restaurant

Want to see Vancouver at 360 degrees and from above? then go to the “revolving restaurant.” You can discover the city in all its glory. Day and night!

Capilano Bridge

Located in the northern part of Vancouver, this “Capilano Suspension Bridge Park” is also a must-see. This is a bridge that’s 70 meters high, 137 meters long and over a river.

Hope all you readers eventually get to try out some of these awesome sights!