Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Owning a pet is a responsibility that one must assume knowing the consequences. It has always been said that the dog is the best friend of man, but some dogs are more affectionate than others by nature. It is clear that everything is in the way you train your dogs, but depending on the race you will have more difficulties than with others.

For that reason, and if you have thought about having a dog, it is better for you to know a list of most aggressive dog breeds.

Pit Bull Terrier
It is one of the most aggressive dogs and the one that has killed the most. Its origin takes place in the 19th century, in England, Ireland, and Scotland. There they experimented with the crossing between bulldogs and terriers with the aim of getting a dog with strength and bravery and athletic.

Even in some countries, such as Australia, they have banned their import because of their danger. While the dogs of these races that already live there, they are castrated to reduce the population little by little.

Rottweilers are originally from Germany, but today they can be found all over the world. This race, in general, is a fairly aggressive race with strangers, but that is due to its territorial character. The Rottweilers are one of the strongest dogs that exist, developing a protectionist attitude towards his family.

It is a very calm dog, and a good education makes that, despite being considered dangerous, its threat is almost suppressed.

German Shepherd
One of the most intelligent and versatile dogs, having a good speed and strength in relation to its size. It is used in state security bodies, although its origin is taking care of herds and livestock.

In addition, it is a great protector of its owners, being a danger only to strangers.

Akita Inu
This dog has its origin in Japan, being first a big game dog. Later it began to be used as a military dog in the armies. The great disadvantage that this race has is its intelligence, causing it to get bored quickly and become quite destructive with the environment. Just to have fun for a while.

Presa Canario
It is considered by the Government of the Canary Islands as a natural symbol of the island. During the 18th century, it was used by the English present in the archipelago as a gladiator in dogfights.

His great strength, size, and temperament for the fight, increased in his genetics over the years, have turned him into a dangerous specimen.